New to This

I love food, I love photography, I love writing. I’ve never thought to combine the three, until now.

I’m new to this blogging business – please be gentle with me. However food is something I am more comfortable with, so you can be brutal as fuck on that part. This isn’t going to be the most elegant looking blog, but I am going to give you all some fucking good food to cook… I hope.

I am currently living and working in Brighton as a chef, in an award winning, local café with some really great people; working there has really helped me to grow and learn as a chef, I can’t thank them enough for that. I live with my partner, Lauren, who is currently studying a degree in Applied Psychology and Criminology (she’s intelligent as fuck).

I have created this blog so that I can finally have something to do while she’s studying her ass off, and, of course, to share delicious food.

I’ll wrap this up before you get bored of my life story. I hope you enjoy the recipes I post and watching my skills grow (and in dress sizes).


Molly Quinn


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